Your Hospitality Design Team

When searching for hotel ff&e, most hotel and motel owners require help from hotel interior design companies as well. Simply buying hotel furniture will not cut it. Room furnishings need to be coordinated from hotel furniture to flooring to drapes.

This is where the Curve Hospitality team shines. There is a reason why we are among the best hotel interior design companies in America! Our innovative, creative, experienced and dedicated hospitality interior design team will guide you through the entire process with ease. Interior design hotel is not everyone’s cup of tea and we are ready to help, no matter what phase your project is in.

We have a growing team to service our clients. See the faces of those you’ve been talking to below and hover your mouse over their thumbnail images to view their role with Curve Hospitality.

Mickey Sidhu

Client Relations

Christina Perez

Senior Interior Designer
Education: Design Institute of San Diego
Bachelor of Fine Art, Interior Design (CIDA accredited)

Javier Rangel

Interior Designer
Education: The Art Institute of Houston
Bachelor of Fine Art, Interior Design (CIDA accredited)

David Leediker

Furniture Finisher


Hospitality Solutions Specialist

Ahmed Aljohari

Project Manager

Valerie Owings

Interior Designer
Education: The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Bachelor of Science, InteriorDesign (CIDAAccredited)

Monique M. Koudelka

Interior Designer
Education: University of Arkansas
Fay Jones School of Architecture (CIDA accredited)
Bachelor of Science, Interior Design

David Williams

Director of Operations

Mauricio Solano

Procurement Specialist

Yanna Ng

Procurement Specialist

John Scattiglio

Director of Quality Assurance

Michelle Huynh

Procurement Manager

Felix Williams


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