Custom Hotel Furniture

Curve Hospitality is one of the leading manufacturers of custom hotel furniture in the nation. We offer state of the art furniture solutions such as Cambrian furniture, comfort suite furniture, and many more options. From sketching your basic idea and concept to complete design boards and the final product, we take the design process seriously. From your vision to the final implementation, we promise professionalism and expertise every step of the way.

Designing The Perfect Furniture

At Curve Hospitality, we have the capability to create a wide range of different types of furnishings. We offer Cambrian furniture, comfort suite furniture, and many other types of custom hotel furniture. We listen to your goals and ideals and craft furniture that speaks to your unique vision. Our talented and skilled hospitality furniture designers have a knack for translating each idea into the perfect item of furniture.

Trust our design expertise, professionalism, and skill when you want furniture that sets your hotel or motel apart from the rest. If you want an alternative to custom hotel furniture, we also have a wide array of hospitality ff&e (furnishings, fixtures, and equipment) that may be suited to your needs. We will show you how you can get access to customized, luxury looks without the price tag. Our budget friendly prices are sure to be a match to your needs.

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Contact Curve Hospitality to request an estimate for hospitality furniture services by calling us at (281) 619-1800.

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