The Effects of Interior Design

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How the Smallest Details Can Improve Your Guest’s Experience

Curve Hospitality firmly believes in the theories behind the importance of first impressions. We know that an individual is prone to making judgments about people, objects, and places within the first five seconds of laying eyes on them. First impressions of any kind are believed to be more accurate than the way a person feels about the same object after extended exposure to it. First impressions are also the emotions and feelings that are more likely to stick with an individual, the part someone remembers the most, and ultimately plays a huge role in the overall tone of their entire experience.

Consistency is key when deciding on what impression you want to give to your guests in the hotel and hospitality industry. If a customer is instantly unimpressed with the look and feel of the entryway and lobby of a hotel, chances are they will not be pleased with much of anything else during their stay. An unsatisfactory first impression is a leading reason why guests choose not to revisit a hotel. But with so many options for design and not much money to remodel, how can a hotel owner improve the overall atmosphere of their establishment and increase the likelihood of guests returning? By remembering these three easy tips.

Simple Luxuries Impress

Stress and organization experts agree that a clean, minimalist environment is conducive to rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Loading a hotel room with colorful pillows and loud, expressive artwork may look interesting, but will leave less room for your guests to utilize the space for their possessions. Choose fewer and more simple design elements rather than spending loads of money on wall art or fancy flower vases.

Going Green

Under a recent survey, studies have shown that guests prefer an environmentally friendly hotel. Simple steps like minimizing paper waste and using environmentally friendly cleaners could have a big impact on the number of guests that choose your hotel. Consider using locally recycled materials to add a personal touch to your design and save money on renovations.

Let There Be Light

Upgrading lighting elements can drastically change the overall feel of the entire hotel. The proper use of natural light in combination with customizable lighting options such as dimmer switches or blackout curtains create a unique experience for each guest without paying for multiple accommodations. Utilizing motion detectors or timers for captivating outdoor lighting can allow your hotel to shine on a budget by only impressing when guests are present.

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