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How Casinos Use Design Psychology

How Casinos Use Design Psychology to Get You to Gamble More

As soon as you hear “casino,” what comes straight to your mind? That “cha-ching” jackpot sound, those flashing lights, an endless maze of slot machines, smoky bars, and vibrant environment? It seems that nearly all casinos have the same design… but why is this the case? The reason is the casinos have to work to retain their guests who have a low-to-win ratio. If guests won all the time, casinos wouldn’t be able to sustain their business. Thus casinos have to subtlety get their guests to stay and spend more money, and this is done through design psychology!

Luxurious Architectural Design

The most common architectural eye-catchers in any casino are high-soaring ceilings, antique skylights and wall clocks, and fancy European-styled furniture. All of these things are used in a casino to create a rich and glamorous space where gamblers are more likely to feel safe and relaxed. This in turn makes gamblers feel comparatively comfortable in taking riskier bets and staying in longer. Ultimately, this structured design lets you enter the greater sense of relaxation and mental restoration, leading you to place riskier and larger bets.

Maze-Like Design

Have you ever wondered why is everything in a casino placed in a maze-like pattern? With such an arrangement of things in casinos, gamblers spend more time looking around at machines and checking out eye candies. This in turn again leads to enticing them to stay in longer.

Crazy Carpets

If you already have been to a casino, you will agree that these gambling establishments comprise the gaudiest carpets around. And the reason behind setting up this pattern is to keep its visitors alert and happy at all times. This is another smart psychological trick that prolongs the stay of their visitors.

No Clocks and Windows

If you are not carrying any gadget with you that tells you time at a casino, then good luck in finding out that. There are not going to be clocks or windows in your sight that will help you determine what time it is. All casinos are purposely designed to look the same, no matter what hour of the day it is. Because as soon as you enter the casino, you lose track of time and don’t feel the need to leave as you might if you see the sun setting through a window.

Curve Hospitality

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